A Student's Guide to Organic Chemistry
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Dear Student,

I know that organic chemistry can sometimes be daunting and a bit confusing. Therefore, I have created this site (along with former students) in order to provide people with a place to come when they feel that understanding organic chemistry is an almost impossible task. On this website, I will try to break down organic chemistry into its most basic form. The site will provide you with simple, easy to understand study guides, printable notecards as well as many practice problems and straightfoward solutions. The site is divided by subject matter, so simply click onto the subject that you are having difficulty with and print out the review sheets and practice problems of your choice. I hope that this site makes organic chemistry as pain-free as possible. Who knows, you may even learn to like the subject! For as little as $9.95 you can have unlimited access to the site. The money will be used to allow us to keep this website running and will be used to cover the cost of maintenance. We hope that this helps!

- Laura Friedland

*Note: The content within OrganicChemistryReview.com is intended to cover the first semester of Organic Chemistry 1

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